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Dear picture day coordinator. We recommend that Dance Studios and Schools use our unique  proofing system.

We believe that for this age group this system give parents better chance to get valuable memories - proofs are FREE to keep and made on
professional GOLD KODAK paper made for Europe that lasts for decades to come.

Our company will provide the opportunity to parents to choose up to 6 poses and up to 32 backgrounds for their  photos.

We offer four different type of
packages for proofing system

- Silver - traditional American economy school
photo packages with one pose in the package,

- Gold - traditional European budget friendly school
picture packages they include extra gift items like
key chains and  pictures for them,

- Platinum packages - they include traditional
portrait sizes from wallet size individual portraits to
10x13 portraits  and may include up to 2 different

- Diamond - luxury packages -  they include
traditional as well as over sized 11 x 14 and even
16 x 20 portraits and may include up to 3 different
poses and outfits.

All types of packages - priced to sell at very
affordable price . To see the prices and packages
content please click

Dear picture day coordinator.

We recommend you to choose no more then 5
packages for your coming school picture day. You
can choose any combination of Silver, Gold,
Platinum and Diamond
packages. To see package content - click on
package name.

If you need help - E-mail us  your questions. We
will answer them in details ASAP and help you to
make best working for your parents order form.
Usually it takes 3-4 e-mails to set all the details and
schedule for your picture day and retake picture day
to be a greatest success and nice experience for
your children and staff.

You have to finish with your selection on or before
the picture day and let us know it. We will prepare
your school order forms accordingly, attach
individual proofs to them and deliver them and  all
other materials you need for the sale of photo
products in your school.

It takes us up to 5 days to deliver AMC PROOFS
with order forms to your school and up to 10 more
days to process your orders after we receive them.

If for some reason your school  will decide to choose
just one pose and one background for your school
picture day - it will take just 2 days for proofs and 2
days for packages to be delivered.

In addition to four type of packages mentioned above
in the last few years we made available for
customers High Resolution digital images with
printing release form as well as low resolution
images for Internet correspondence and slide shows
and movies for and home DVD