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Dear Senior Prom day coordinator. We recommend  you to choose one of 2 following systems for your Prom photography needs.

Our company will provide the opportunity to Seniors to choose up to 6 poses and up to 20 backgrounds for their  photos on the Prom night.

We use 2 systems

1) PREPAID EXPRESS -from $10 for 8 portraits.
Choose any ONE package from the our Prom photos price
list, collect money from the students - give them a tickets.
When photographer get this ticket - he will make a picture of a
persons who have a ticket and they will get Prom portraits
within 3-5 days at your school. - It's PREPAID SYSTEM.

Why do you need tickets? Most of the students usually can afford
to buy more then one ticket at this low prices. Students will be
able to get professional studio quality  pictures
A) individual - full body shots or portrait style
B) with prom date
C) with friends

Photographers will ask you to pay for the tickets he collected
after he finish the job with school check or you can pay him at the

Pros: extremely fast and efficient, affordable price.
Cons: just one package available - limited choice of sizes,
students will have to reorder other sizes online at regular prices.


Ask your students bring cash, check, online receipts or
money order to prom. Photographer will make them a
pictures they pay for on the spot at the prices

Pros: vast selection of sizes,
Cons: need more time and sales person on the floor.

All types of packages - priced to sell at very affordable
price .

In addition to packages mentioned above
in the last few years we made available for
High Resolution digital images
with printing release form as well as low
resolution images for Internet
correspondence and slide shows and
movies for Youtube.com and home DVD
players.. If you was photographed by one of
our staff - e-mail us question for a quote.
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