-  no deposit

-  proofs  UPS 'd in five days to school

-  from 4 to 20 proof  picture portraits for everybody photographed

-  no obligation to buy

-  family volume discounts and coupons

-  almost no parents complaints

- packages delivered to school within 14 days after the first school order pick up and within 60
days after the LATE school order pick up


-  takes more time to finish picture day(s). In some cases you will need one extra picture day,
compared to
prepaid system.

-  some parents send their orders to school up
90 days after the EXPIRATION   DATE for school
orders. This orders considered LATE and usually take a long time to produce and deliver to school
FREE school picture proofs on professional grade FUJI or
KODAK SUPRA ENDURA paper for every child
Dear picture day coordinator.