School and senior pictures by professional portrait photographers
Only with us you can get your child's school INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS
and CLASS PICTURES and digital images even in 10 years after the
school picture day
Well known in the NYC, NY Metropolitan Area, Long Island and Westchester, Professional School
Photography Company   AMC Photo Inc., is owned and operated by professional photographers and
designers with over 25 years of experience.

We photograph children, seniors and adults with excellent portrait lighting on your location as well as in our
studios   and have extraordinary labs with state-of-the-art printing and laminating equipment to process
images on professional grade
Kodak or Fuji  paper which lasts a lifetime.
portrait provider with Fall School Portraits, Spring Portrait Programs, Dance Photography, Fundraising,
Sports, and Special Events Photography.

Here are a few things offered by AMC PHOTO .
-Fall Portraits
-Spring Portraits
-Sports and Event Photography
-Photo Re-Touching
-Special Events
-Full Class Photos
-Professional Dance Photography
-ID Cards and Badges
-Student Recognition
-Free staff photo packages

And that is not limited to fall portrait program. We offer spring portraits, sports and events photos, classroom
photos, graduation photos and much more.

We also offer a considerable amount of service items including;

-Student ID Cards
-Class composites
-CD's of images
-Student Recognition Certificates
-And much more.

AMC PHOTO has an innovative approach to school pictures.  Are you looking for school pictures New York
Metropolitan Area, Long island and Westchester?  We have developed shoot methodology specific to the
unique Empire State.  Here are just a few reasons to choose AMC PHOTO for your school pictures.

Quality School Pictures

At AMC, we only hire true, professional school photographers who then go through our intense school
photography training program before they are ready to work at an AMC school picture day.  Our professional
staff will provide everything you need from the moment you choose AMC for your school pictures until the day
the final products are delivered.  While some people only think of AMC as a New York school photographer,
we service all of NY state, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts!

Local Lab

AMC PHOTO is based in Queens, NY  less than 0.2 miles away from our state of the art school photo lab.  
This ensures fast turnaround time for your school pictures.  Working in such close proximity to our lab
provides significant advantages including customized school products specific to your school, a close
relationship with the lab to review processing procedures and lower costs.  There is also significant cost
savings by having a local school photographer with a local lab right here in new York.  We do not have to pay
the shipping costs other companies have with labs across the country.

Product Variety

At AMC PHOTO, we provide some of the most unique school photography products available on the market
today.  Combine that with top notch school portraits, great customer service and you have a winning
combination for your school.

Friendly Staff

Have you ever had a School photographer who is rude or grouchy with your children?  That will not happen at
AMC.  Our strict training program and screening process ensures we have experienced school photographers
who are used to photographing young children.  Kids are our  #1 customer, and we know how to make them
smile and feel like VIP (very Important people that made a great job for their parents). We take the extra time
necessary to make sure your school photos turn out great.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We only use the most sophisticated digital equipment available with professional lighting to ensure the highest
quality images.  To keep things organized, we use the latest school photo software.

After your photos are taken, they are processed at one of the nation's best school photo labs, which is
located right in the NYC area. Our state of the art lab processes countless school photos every day and
school photography is at the heart of their business.  We have the ability to create custom products for your
school and we have one of the best local selections of school photography products available today.

Customer Service

Everything on picture day could be perfect, but if the follow up and customer service isn't top notch it can ruin
the entire experience.  It is essential that the company taking your school pictures has a dedicated customer
service team working behind the scenes to make sure all of the details are covered.

For the school, every organization is serviced by an AMC Customer Manager dedicated specifically to take
care of everything you need.  From the moment you choose AMC for your school portraits until your custom,
high quality products are delivered and checked in 90 days, you will always be communicated with on a
regular basis to make sure things are taken care of properly.

For individual customers, we have a full time customer service department here to answer your questions and
take care of any issues they might have.  All of our school photos have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a
customer is unhappy with their photo, we will re-shoot the picture or refund the customer's money,

Your 100% satisfaction is our goal! We offer the service that only a professional organization like AMC can
provide.  If you are looking for a School photographer in New York Metropolitan Area, Long island and
Westchester AMC is the place to call toll free at 1-866-CALL AMC  (1-866-225-5262).
"If I knew of this extraordinary service I would have switched to your company five years ago"
-- Mrs. Kathy Jones, Ebenezer School,
Brooklyn, NY, Director

"You make kids and parents happy!"
--Mrs. Maria Tarulli,  Director, Port Richmond Nursery School,
Staten Island, NY

Dear David, The pictures were beautiful. The parents commented about the quality and the expressions on their children faces. Bravo! Once again
your photographers  have captured the essence of each of the child at the Shield Institute that you photographed. Your photographers were patient
and most kind to the students. Servicing special education students can be challenging for the most experienced so that telling you that photographers
were patient is high compliment. Sincerely yours,
Susanna Mendoza,
Assistant Principal. The Shield Institute. Bronx Early Learning Center. August 13, 2010

Hello Olga:
My name is Louise Grant and I always enjoy doing business with you.  Every year, you and I arrange an agreement on the payment.   I am a parent
from Paccor Preschool.  Last year, I had three children in the school for pictures.  This year, I have four children take school pictures.  Can you please
contact me in regards to the school pictures, I would like to speak to you about payment.
Thank you.
Louise Grant
Queens, NY

Thank you very much for your quick reply and the pictures.  They came out beautiful.  You should approach Howell Road School in Valley Stream and
send them information about yourself. Hope they will get you for our school pictures.
Shobie Barnes  
Long Island  
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