School and senior pictures by professional NY portrait  photographers
Q. How do I make an order  for school portraits and class pictures If I
missed the expiration date for school orders?
A. You can make  an order at school prices within 90 days after the expiration
date for school order. You can make an order by
mail,  online or on the next school
picture day.

If you have a proof number for the desired picture
A) calculate the price at school price. Add $10 for late order for home delivery
B) pay online by credit card, debit card or PAYPAL or mail the order form with
payment  to our
address.   Please don't mail cash.
C) E-mail us your order details with RECEIPTS ID for online payments in subject
line. Please provide CLASS INFO in order to get a right class picture and your
delivery address (no P.O.Boxes please)

If you do not have a proof number - you can find it using your school
INDEX PRINT CD  - they keep it for 5 years in PTA room.
Q. My order was submitted by deadline however, my child's teacher went
out for medical reasons & substitute did not hand it to proper personnel.
Upon teacher's return she found my child's order in her mailbox. Would
still like to place order as money order is still in the envelope. If I mail in my
order would I be able to pick it up or does it have to be returned to me via
A. We will accept order at school price.You can pick it up or we can mail it to you
mail order.  Shipping is FREE on orders over $50 or just $10.00 for UPS
A. By mail or Online. You can use the same order form that you used in school.
Mail it to our  address   with your instructions and payment or order extra school
individual or class photo prints
online. You will need Full AMC pose proof
number. Look for it on the back of your school prints size 5 x 7 , 8 x 10 or 10 x 13
or on the side of the proof we send you. If you need items that are not on your
school form - click on SINGLE ITEMS in menu on the left.
Q.  I have three children in this school. Can I get a school picture of all of
A. Yes you can if your school allow it.

Make sure that you make the arrangements with your children's teachers or/and
PTA. They have to give the photographer a chance to take a picture of all three
kids at the same time. It's extra job for a school if kids are in different classes but
most schools allow it.

Our photographers well equipped and can take pictures for all family of 10 right in
your school.
Answer. Yes - just next to proof number write FLEEP on your e-mail (you can send us
Q. How can I order extra pictures or lets say greeting cards?