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One of life's greatest pleasures is seeing your family together. Every moment in
your family's life exists only for a brief second, then it is erased forever. Times
like these shouldn't be left to memory alone.
A portrait freezes that moment forever and allows you to display the pride and
treasure of your life on a wall of your home or office for everyone to see.

Chances are, your family will be gathering sometime soon celebrating
commencements during the summer. There's no better time like now to create a
family portrait and the spirit of your family. Take the time now before your
children run off to college,  jobs and marriage.

Call us
to schedule your family portrait. With our advanced portrait skills we'll
create a family heirloom your family will display forever, and remember forever.

Take this opportunity to capture this time of your family's history and give your
family a gift they can hold on to forever, and remember forever. Call us now
schedule the most convenient times for your family. Let us preserve tomorrow's
memories today. Call us at  866-225-5262 toll FREE   for an appointment.
"I want to thank you
again for your
patience, time, and
terrific talent in
taking and
preparing our family
portrait and the
girls’ graduate
portraits. We
absolutely love
Again, thank you
so very much for
everything – we
are truly grateful
for all you did for
Dawn LoBello, NY
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