School and senior pictures by professional NY portrait  photographers
School Photography event as Fund Raising Opportunity
You can use School Picture day as fund raising opportunity. Please schedule appointment with one of our staff  fund raising specialist to
discuss it

If you want to do fund raising - please choose your option:

% from school photo packages and single items sales on before sale tax price basis


$ amount(s) from each package sold in your school and contact us for quote for the  package price.

For first time customers we recommend to use % from your previous vendor contract or $ amounts.

We will try maximize sale in your school based on your priorities. It will really help if you answer following questions prior the
presentation in your school by one of our staff:

Get the best deal for parents (affordable price, deep discounts, siblings pictures ... Etc.)        PTA, PARENTS, ADMINISTRATION
2)   Big selection of poses and backgrounds, highest quality  customer support service          PARENTS
3)   Get the biggest  % of total sales or top $ for PTA from each package sold                         PTA
4)   Get candid pictures and PSPA CD for school yearbook or best yearbook deal  possible    ADMINISTRATION
5)   Finish school picture day before lunch  (3 hours picture day(s)  )                                       ADMINISTRATION
7)   Get FREE packages for PTA members and administration                                                  PTA, ADMINISTRATION
8)   Get outstanding TOTAL SALE in school  and top $ amount from picture day                      PTA, AMC
9)   Receive biggest amount of money for school fund  from school photo event(s)                   PTA, ADMINISTRATION
10) Minimise time spent by PTA members on raising the funds                                                  PTA

We recommend you to read
this article before you make your decision

Of course it's not easy to solve conflicts of interests  of parents,  PTA, school administration and our company administration. But
if you share our philosophy that first priority is to provide a best possible service to  your school kids and their parents at
affordable price in a long run - we can always figure out reasonable terms that satisfies school administration, school PTA and let
our company administration to keep our professional field team as happy as possible.

Usually we sell more pictures then any other professional photography company. Based on great selection of high quality pictures
provided by our experienced photographers and our company inventory, aggressive pricing plans and variety of school coupons
and discounts.
Most of the parents can afford to buy 2 or even 3 packages with one or two poses in each package and save a trip to photo studio
or mall. What it means for you - delighted parents and more money for your programs. To get even better results - organize fund
competition in your school with our help. Learn more
School Photo Packages back in just 10 days along with fund raising check!  
Production Time:

Please be aware NY seasonal events and situations beyond our control from our raw material suppliers may cause
production delays. Under normal conditions, the following production schedule will be followed. If partial delivery is
acceptable by the school:
Individual and Class portraits............................will be send by UPS to school in 5 to 10 days  for prepaid* orders**
Some Digital and Laminated products............will be send by UPS to school in 10 to 15 days for prepaid orders
School Yearbooks..............................................will be send by UPS to school in 25 to 30 days for prepaid orders

*  We accept COD as exceptions only. As COD we accept Certified (bank) checks or Money Orders.
** If school orders combine regular photographs and some digital products - all school packages will be send by UPS
after school order is complete.  Usually it takes 5 extra days to make Digital product.
Office Phones:          718-275-2046   718-830-9050  
Toll Free Phones:   866-225-5262 (866-CALL AMC) , 877-759-7829
Fax: 718-228-7763
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occasions. To take a look at our prices, click
here. To find all other vendors for your event - click here  If
you bought any AMC individual portrait or class picture in school,you will get an extra 20% discount on our
already low price for the extra prints.
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