School Photo ID cards Laminated
To order school ID cards please provide following information:
NAME            TITLE               AMC POSE PROOF NUMBER

Fax it on the school letter head. We will mail your ID cards in
approximately 5 days.
ID cards will contain your school name, address, phone, School
Motto, School Logo, Expiration Date.

Optional for High School - DOB, ISO# for students.
School and senior pictures by professional NY portrait  photographers
Teachers -AMC POSE PROOF NUMBER is on the the back of
your FREE AMC 5 x 7 pictures provided at school  if  it's not
than 10 years old. If it is - call to confirm that we still have it.

Students -  AMC POSE PROOF NUMBERS  can be found on
the ordered pictures or get it from your school INDEX PRINT.
Consult with the person in charge for pictures at your school.