Step 1) Attach proof picture to the order form OR - if you do not have it - PRINT proof number on the order form.
This number you can find on the back of the pictures you received earlier or on the proofs.

Step 2.)Provide the description what sizes you like to get  for each pose. If you have to - use extra sheet of
paper. Try to make it as clear as you can.

If you want enlarge individual portrait (crop it) place cutting lines on the PROOF PICTURE that you are sending to

Step 3) Calculate the price for each form and write it on each form. Then calculate the TOTAL PRICE for all
forms, write it on the first form in special place and enclose exact payment - check or money order, payable to

Step 4) Mail your order with return mailing label  to

AMC Photo Inc.,
Attn: David Alishayev
6607 99 street Suite 4F
Rego Park, NY 11374

Your school portraits and class pictures will be mailed to you in 2 weeks if it was paid with money order and 8
weeks if it was paid with personal check.

We will use your
RETURN MAILING LABEL. Make sure that it has a right address and your USPS mail man
delivers big packages that he can't bend.

If you prefer to get UPS deliveries to residential address - please write it on your order instruction page and add
$9.95 for UPS delivery.

If we will have any questions or your package will be returned to us marked UNCLAIMED (happens 2-3 times a
year) - we will try to contact you. Please provide your phone number.