We strongly recommend you to order your pictures IN SCHOOL or Camp. At this time
you can pay School or Camp deep discounted prices that include sales tax and shipping,
handling and insurance fees. If you will use coupons in most cases you will save from $10 to

Please do NOT BE LATE. If you don't have cash on hand - pay ONLINE with credit card. Do
not put ALL school order on hold just because of you please.

Usually it's just 10 days to place your order in school, but we keep images from 10 to 20 years
in our system and you will have plenty of time to order school or camp photo portraits and
regular and jumbo wallet size pictures if you are
LATE for school or camp order online or by
mail later.

Make sure that you provide us with at least  one AMC PHOTO PROOF NUMBER(s) of pictures
you are looking  for. You can find them on the back of 5 x 7, 8 x 10 or 10 x 13 pictures that you
have, on the SAFE-T cards and advertisement cards or next to the PROOF picture that we
send you. Sometimes it's on the back of 3.5 x 5 portraits.

Online Order
You can   I. Buy class pictures or
           II. Order  pictures made in school online  .


a)  To preview class picture Click HERE

b)  Click Events on the top of page

c)  Find your school name and  Click
View Album next to it.

d) Find your CLASS PICTURE and order the size you need.

e) Make your payment.

Class picture will be mailed to you within 10 days after your payment done.

within 10 years from picture day date in 3 easy steps

a)  Click on  SINGLE ITEMS or PACKAGES .

b) Choose your  single item or package and click BUY NOW. Pay with credit card or with  
PAYPAL account. You will get  Receipt ID at the end

c)  E-mail us your order details from our site (this way it will not get
into our SPAM): click
E-mail Us and send us following information:

FULL AMC PROOF NUMBER(s) for your order

In subject line please put your online receipt ID

We will check and confirm your order ASAP usually within 2-24 hours. Please check your SPAM
folder for our response - if your order have a mistakes we will ask you to contact us and we will
wait for you to fix a mistakes in your order.

If you order information complete - we will mail your package within 10 days.
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