School Package #7 - digital proof images up to 500x700 DPI on CD or by E-mail
No printing release form. No color correction,crop or extra digital editing. Green or blue color can
be absent - check out your proofs images before you order. No money back guarantee.
Good quality for e-mails, I-phones,TV screens previews. Absolutely no prints allowed.

If you need High Resolution image for prints from 5"x7" up to 30"x60" with printing release form
here and order package Z on CD or by E-mail.
Click on the form , print it out, fill out and send to the school with payment.

For simple order - one picture day, one child just one AMC picture number wiil be enough.
We will find all other pictures.

For complicated order - more then one picture day or more then one person - fill out the form
as suggested. You will need at least one AMC number for each set of pictures.

If you need pictures ASAP - calculate TOTAL according to the order form, pay ONLINE,
E-MAIL us all AMC PROOF NUMBERS we need to process your order and Payment ID.
Hi David,
Need parts for  a great European car?
If you want to FEEL GOOD, LOOK GREAT every day in real life
- not only on our retouched pictures- click