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If you believe your child is missing ...
*  Quickly search the immediate area to see if the child might be hiding.
*  Call local law enforcement and provide data from card plus other
identifying physical characteristics, including a description of clothes
child was wearing or any other descriptive information.
*  Notify store, mall or venue management if at commercial location
(Do they have a "Code Adam" plan?)
*  Contact the
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
at 800-843-5678 (800-THE LOST) for assistance and ask your case manager
to request  AMC PHOTO to provide him with ALL the pictures of your child.
Please provide him with the AMC number from your  Safe-T-Card or AMC  
pose proof number, than we will upload high quality image(s) to
within 3 minutes in most cases
AMC Photo made wallet size Safe-T-cards have the
following important 1-2-3-4 information:
1. Contact information for National Center for Missing & Exploited Children   
800-843-5678 (800-THE LOST)
2. AMC contact information
            866-225-5262 (866-CALL AMC)
Make  SAFE-T card(s) now or buy them for just $10 each

If you didn't get your plastic AMC SAFE-T-CARDS in school, we recommend that you
make the "card" yourself. It’s easy as
1-2-3 if you have the AMC pose proof number. It’s
on your AMC pose proof picture and on the back of large pictures starting from 5 x 7
sizes. It looks like:


On the back of the provided wallet size pictures (if you didn’t ordered wallets portraits
– order them
ONLINE at any time):

1) Write this AMC number - all line including YEAR
2) Write the AMC contact phone number
                         866-225-5262    (866 - CALL AMC)
3) Write NCMEC phone number
                         800-843-5678    (800 - THE LOST).

Put It In Your Wallet!

Keep in mind that we keep your pictures on file (up to ten years) and we can access them
in as fast as 30 seconds.
4. High quality clear picture of your child
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pictures click
3. AMC pose proof number for  your child picture
If your child is ever missing you can help find your child faster by
always having your child's AMC SAFE-T Card in your wallet.
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