We recommend that you choose a school package from one pose and single items from the other poses that
you desire. In this case you will get different poses within the order. Don't forget to use
COUPONS. Free OFFERS and DISCOUNTS available to you only in school !

Order package(s)  with school background and props (computer, books, library) -  attach one  AMC PHOTO
proof and circle on the line on the right of picture

1  2  3  4  5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H  I  J K  L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
one number, thus you will get a school package.

After that, attach another AMC PHOTO pose proof with holiday ( Christmas, Quanza, Hanukkah, Halloween ) or
studio background and order single items - just circle any letter on the other line
1  2  3  4  5 6 7 8 A B C D E F G H  I  J K  L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Sure you can order as many packages as you want. Just make it clear - which picture get which package!

Don't forget to add child's class or/and Room#/Teacher's name so that you will
receive a class picture
Calculate and write price for each line,  calculate TOTAL PRICE and make your payment in full. Check your
school order form for payment options. We  accept credit card payments for school, mail and online orders. All
other forms cash, check or money order - usually acceptable by your school.

Sorry we cannot give change. Make sure that you wrote your selection and total amount paid on the order
money envelope.

IMPORTANT: If you pay with personal check for school order - be careful - make sure that you have funds
available. Our bank redeposits checks automatically in five days. It mean that you can end up paying 2 fines
from your bank (from $30 each) and $ 15 fine from our bank, plus cost of your package ( sometimes it's just
$5). And if your
check is bounced we will have to put all your school order on hold until it paid! Don't do
it to other parents. Please don't make a mistake.
If you have any doubts  buy money order!
Dear parent. If you didn't find desired items on your school order form and your order is not LATE , please
print and fill out this
form and attach it to your school order.  If unfortunately, you are LATE please  check out
coupons for FREE S&H available at some times, print and
fill out this form and mail it directly to our company or
order online.  You will have to pay more than in school. Sorry, discount coupons and FREE items available only
for order that is not LATE.
Your child did his/her best on School Picture Day.  If you like his/her proof pictures we strongly
recommend that you  make your order(s) through the school before the
expiration date for school

HERE ARE 9 reasons to order in SCHOOL on time:
PROS                                   CONS for LATE order
1. Free class picture                                                  ( from $7 for mail or online orders)

2. Great school prices, discounts and coupons     ( up to 30%-75% off regular price. They expire with
the                                                                                                  school order and NOT available for MAIL or
ONLINE orders)
3. NO SPECIAL HANDLING OR SHIPPING FEE           ( $9.95 for mail or Online orders       )
4. NO SESSION FEE                                                     ( from $30 if you do it in our studios  )
5. NO FEE FOR SIBLINGS PICTURE                            ( from $20 if you do it in our studios )
6. Coupons for FREE pictures with extra poses     ( they expire with the school order and NOT available for
                                                                            MAIL or ONLINE orders )
7. FREE DIGITAL EDITING                                            ( up to $15 for LATE orders)
9. FAST DELIVERY                                                        ( from 2 to 8 weeks for MAIL orders)

Please DO NOT BE LATE in order to get the best possible deal.
STEP 1. Choose the package(s) and extras
STEP 2. Calculate price and make a payment
cheapest way to order your child pictures

Some schools don't accept any orders after this date. Even if they do accept orders - you will not be able to
use discount coupons. After you send the order make sure that teacher received it. Please check child's bag.
Ask the teacher to send you a confirmation that the order was received
before the expiration date in writing -
on the bottom of your order is part designated especially for this..

Upon receipt of your order, please check to make sure all contents are included and no damage has occurred
in transit. Claims for damaged or missing items must be reported within 5 business days of delivery.
Please write down the AMC PROOF numbers and your selection from your form and keep them till you get
your order back
- you will need them only if anything goes wrong.
Sometimes order get lost on the way to school, or even in the school, or on the way from school to your place.

It happens!

We keep few thousands pictures in the system even for one school and the only way to answer your questions
quickly - to check a status of your order and to help you to get it ASAP - is by this
AMC POSE proof numbers. If
you don't have it at the time of your call - we will ask you to go to your school to look it up  and find it on school
INDEX PRINT (for proofing system we send hard copy of each picture or CD with all pictures to school).

You can find AMC proof number next to the proof portrait we send you or
on the back of your prints - this
way you can reorder any of them or order wallet size pictures in 10 years.
STEP 3. Keep a copy of your order
How to order in 4 (four) easy steps