Advanced prepaid system. Package prices. How it works
School and senior pictures by professional portrait photographers
Advanced prepaid system.

How it works:
Parents pay on or before the picture day for package(s) chosen.
We let them choose out of up to 32 backgrounds ( 20 chosen by school and 12 on the form) and up to 20 poses - up to 640
combinations in total (compare with 2-10 from national companies like Lifetouch or Thornton)
To view a sample chosen by 2 public schools
click here for order form back side and click here for sample order
form front side.

Picture day coordinator
 can choose up to 4 packages (out of 18 available) and up to 8 single items (out of 20)  at
least 5 weeks before the picture day

B)  can choose up to 20 backgrounds  (out of 300) at the same time - 5 weeks before the picture day date.

C)  can choose up to 20 poses ( out of unlimited) at the same time- 5 weeks before the picture day date.

D)  have to make a schedule for picture day. 20-30 min/per class/per photographer.

In order to get a best result  with this system we recommend to use following methods:

1) in 4 weeks prior the picture day date we recommend

-  send all parents Order forms and choices of poses and backgrounds for picture day
( AMC school photography company will provide you with this items at your request at
 any   time prior the picture day as soon as you signed an agreement, scheduled a date
 and send us your selection of poses and backgrounds or authorised us to do it for you )

-  post a poster(s) - PICTURE DAY IS COMING - on all school entrances
-  make a display with sample packages and choices of backgrounds in PTA room

2) in 2 weeks - remind parents - PICTURE DAY IS COMING

3) in 1 week prior the picture day date - send all parents REMINDER and distribute extra forms
for parents that lost original order forms

4) in 3 days - send all parents REMINDER or/and e-mail them or/and call them

- Easy to use - photographers will handle everything on picture day.
- Fast - only kids that have payment envelopes have  to be photographed.
- Fast delivery of ready packages for all school at the same time.

- Parents do not see pictures until they get the package. If they do not like it they have to use RETAKE picture
day or just get a money back.
- contact us for competitive affordable quotes.

Usually we have ALL products available for sale in your school - ALL SIZES INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS,
,  ID cards, B&W, sepia, mirrors etc... . Our choice of backgrounds - can match choice of any
well known school photography company.

We will do ALL we can to make a smooth and hassle free picture day(s) and greatest sale in history of
your school.

We will match or beat our competitors quality and price and provide 24 x 7 x 365 customer support for
your students families. Their satisfaction - our first priority.
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