EXPIRATION DATE for school order.

It's written on your form. If it's not there - it's up to 5 business days since you get
your order form from the school. School Picture day coordinator can get extension for the expiration date if for
any reason (school vacation, holidays ...) order forms was delivered late - check with your teacher to find out if
your order is not late.

Before the expiration date we recommend you to use
COUPONS for discount pricing or just to make your own
packages with 3-4 different poses and backgrounds by combining single items.

Thank you for your order made in timely manner.
*   All portrait sales are being conducted as a fund raising event for your school. If you are making a mail or online order,
please send a copy
of your order and payment confirmation (receipt ID from PayPal or Google checkout, copy of check or
money order) to your child's teacher.  If you are making
a school order, simply attach the payment confirmation sheet to
your order, as
payment for your school order.

This way, your school will get their much-needed funds for school programs and your child's class will improve its score in
the fundraising competition for this year or next. If it's school order - school will get it this year. If it's LATE, MAIL or ONLINE
order - school will ADD it to the next year picture day fund raising event.

Check out prizes for this year's competition