School and senior pictures by professional NY portrait  photographers
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This is why a School Photography Company Portrait looks different than from other places...

Step 1 - The way the image is taken... Would you try to cut your own hair just because you had a nice pair of scissors? Probably not.

Knowing that; it takes way more than a fancy digital camera to create great senior pictures. Besides tens of thousands of dollars in specialized
equipment, It takes a highly skilled professional who can make you look your best and bring out your genuine expression.

You also need an intimate knowledge of portrait lighting to sculpt the human face so everyone looks awesome regardless of their shape or size.

Lastly, it takes someone technical enough to put it all together and get it done quickly, without hassle and right the first time.

Every portrait taken at our company is created by our professional portrait photographer with over 10 years experience.

Step 2 - The way it’s developed and made ready for printing... Many people think that after we push the button on the camera, our work is done. Maybe
at some places but not at  

Each exposure must be carefully adjusted and properly color corrected so you look natural in your portraits.

It’s a highly technical process done by experienced artists with many years of experience using very sophisticated software.

Nobody has perfect skin either. That’s why every Keepsake portrait is micro retouched to remove unwanted blemishes, soften areas under the eyes
and smooth skin.

This premium level of artwork will enhance your portraits even if your complexion is clear.

Finally, careful composition and cropping is done to make sure your portrait has proper balance and proportion when displayed in your home.

Step 3 - The way they are printed and finished... Quality portraits don’t come out of a printer in the back room. The old adage that good things take time
to make is definitely true here!  portraits are meticulously hand printed at the nation’s top color laboratory. They have equipment and  highly skilled artists
printing on genuine Kodak photographic paper the old fashioned way. This process, although a bit more costly, creates the very highest quality portrait
designed to last a lifetime.

Step 4 - The finishing touches... Every portrait larger than a wallet is dry-mounted by hand to sturdy acid free artists media
for ease of framing with or without glare producing glass.

For extra charge - you can get even more value

1) - we can order for you  hand lacquering with an acrylic finish for a lifetime of beauty and protection.

2)- we can order for you  the finishing touch of a metallic edging technique that will help make our portraits something you will be thrilled to display and
proud to give as a gift.

Most places don’t offer this premium level of service, but we do for an extra charge about $20 per print depending on size.  E-mail us for exact quotes

Click on ANY image to enlarge it. This ones done with GREEN SCREEN TECHNOLOGY in New Design High School in Manhattan in November 2010.
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