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Individual and class portraits...............will be send by UPS to school in 5 to 10 days  for prepaid orders
Digital and laminated products............will be send by UPS to school in 12 to 20 days for prepaid orders
Most important: choose right photography company - here are few tips.

Few things that will make picture day in school pleasant experience.

1. SCHEDULE. Usually we provide from 1 to 4 photographer teams for individual portraits and 1 team for class pictures - depending on space
school can provide. We can not put more then 5 teams in one room - it will cause technical problems with professional studio lighting system that we

Check with your agreement how many teams will be send to you.

Class pictures team serve one class in 10 minutes. We recommend you to do class picture prior to individual pictures in most cases ( unless kids are
late at the beginning of school day).

One individual portrait team can serve one class in 10-22 minutes for prepaid system and 30-45 minutes for proofing system.

We recommend you to schedule  First click - at 9A.M. If you have to take optional group STAFF pictures at 7:45 A.M.- 8 A.M. - let us know in

Make a schedule and fax it to us 2 days prior the picture day. We will check it and adjust if necessary our teams. Please, don't forget lunch time, trips
or tests for some classes.

Please advise parents on tips

2. INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS. We need to have available a minimum of 1 small possibly nice looking desk and 3 chairs per each individual
portraits team for school pictures ( 2 chairs only for spring portraits). If you'd like to supply your own accessories for school pictures (books, pens,
laptops ...Etc., please feel free to do so.

CLASS PHOTOS. We need a minimum of 10 small chairs or 2 benches and 2 chairs available.
If we can also have a table for the teachers to fill out the information forms for designer class photos... That would be helpful .... Not a necessity but
certainly nice.

LUNCH BREAK. If your school has the capability to supply our photographers and their assistants with lunch vouchers that would be a great
perk and our guys won't have to go out looking for lunch.

5. If you have any
parent volunteers - we will furnish them with a coupon for their child's photos.

6. Don't forget to take your own photos!!!
2 FREE priceless studio quality 5 x 7 !!!
PTA / Guidance counselor responsibilities.
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