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The night before, be sure that you decide on what you want to wear, so that you don't end up pondering
in front of your closet for hours the next morning. Make sure they don't have visible holes, stains, or
other blemishes. You can either lay them out somewhere visible, or stick a Post-it note to your closet or
chest-of-drawers (whichever you usually get your clothes out of) reminding you of Picture Day. Also, be
sure that you decide if you will be wearing glasses or contacts, if you are facing that choice.

Take a bath and make sure you are nice and clean. You don't want to look like you've just been playing
in the mud, and hey; why not smell good while you're at it?

Also, if applicable, be sure to wash/cleanse your face. You should have been working especially hard to
clear up any acne/blemishes for the past couple of weeks. Even the retouching that some companies
offer won't hide everything.

When you first wake up, after making your bed, eating breakfast, and changing, be sure to brush your
teeth and, if applicable, wash/cleanse your face. If you have any big zits and a Zeno handy, Zeno them!
Hopefully they'll be gone or shrunken within an hour, in time for pictures. Be especially careful with
your teeth. No one wants to see plaque or remnants of your last meal when they look at your picture!

Be sure to touch up your hair, too. It may get a little ruffled while you're at school, so keep a pocket
mirror on you or in your locker. If you want to straighten or curl your hair, make sure you allot time for
that. Maybe your hair looks extra nice the morning after using a certain kind of shampoo? Remember
that when you are taking your bath the night before! Otherwise, just get it in place right before you
leave, so hopefully it shouldn't be too messed up (if at all) after the school rush, and you can touch it up
with your mirror just before picture time.

When you arrive at school, try to avoid messing up your hair or damaging your clothing in any way.
Pictures will usually be taken in the morning, but be careful anyways; you don't want to destroy your
nice clothes! Right before you take your picture (say, before the class period) check your hair in a mirror
and straighten out your clothes.

It's time for the picture! Sit up straight, and look where the photographer tells you to. If they adjust your
position, stay there; it's usually for a reason.

But most importantly...


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