If you are a new PTA with little or no experience or simply do not have a lot of time to deal
with photo orders we recommend you to use old fashioned prepaid school photography
system - only kids paid ON or BEFORE picture day will be photographed

- cheapest production cost and  affordable packages price for parents (usually $5 less then proofing system)

- up to 20 poses and 32 backgrounds to choose from available for each child ( 640 choices compared to
only 4-20 for
proofing system)

- extremely short picture day in school - at least twice as fast as proofing system

- fastest service - packages and fund raising check are back in 5 -10 days

- best for big elementary and secondary schools


- no guarantee that child can do selected pose (especially children in special education classes)

-  photographer - NOT PARENT - choses the best shot. Retake, absentee picture day is absolutely
necessary as a result of parents complaints
School Photography Advanced Prepaid  System
Attention school picture day coordinator  

- in 3 weeks - one month prior the picture day date we will send you prepaid order forms with sample poses
and selected  backgrounds for each student. Send them to student families. If you need more forms - let us
know ASAP.

- collect all the orders and keep track of them on paperwork provided for each class

- on picture day send each student with order form to the photographer to fulfill the order

- if student is absent - keep order form till absentee/makeup picture day. Make a notes on your paperwork.

- On delivery of school packages make sure that every student photographed got appropriate package

As a rule we give parents 6 - 20  choices of poses and 12-32 backgrounds to choose from. We even let
them choose pose AND background - it make selections available - 72 - 640 choices. It's much more then
what they get with
proofing system.
Attention school fund raising specialist
If you have a display of packages that we sell and organised fund raising competition between classes it
usually improve sales and can  double or even triple them and your fund raising as well.

Choose sample pictures, backgrounds and
ask for sample packages to be delivered to your school one
month prior the picture day date

We can provide you anything for improving your sales. Just ask. You are our partner.
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